All it takes to keep from getting hurt again is set some ground rules. Easy enough.

Eva’s number one rule is simple: “Don’t let a man decide your fate.” Daphne’s convinced men can’t be trusted… “Don’t fall for their game.” Even sweet Daisy follows a guiding principle: “Be realistic, fairy tales don’t exist.”

No matter what happens, stick to the rule.

But when their world is turned upside down by the perfect incarnation of the men they’d sworn to avoid, they’ll need another set of rules…or maybe realize that these rules were always meant to be broken.

On Common Ground (book 1)

He’s thin-skinned and stubborn… But she won’t get kicked out without a fight!

After six years in Paris, thirty-four-year-old investment banker Adrian Hensley returns to San Francisco, engagement broken and ego wounded. His hope for some peaceful solitude is shattered when he finds a stranger subletting his home without his knowledge. The pretty brunette would be the embodiment of his sexy secretary fantasy, if it weren’t for her feisty temper and her tendency to get him worked up…in more ways than one.

Eva Duncan, a legal secretary with a knack for finance, makes a point of remaining independent. No man will ever decide her fate—not again. When Adrian comes barging into her quiet life, old childhood wounds reopen, and she won’t get kicked out of her home. At least, not without a fight. Yet, standing her ground proves to be tricky for Eva in front of a handsome, too-often-half-naked Adrian.

Between her tenacity and his arrogant façade, Eva and Adrian jump from one misunderstanding to the next, making their forced cohabitation as explosive as their attraction. How long will it take for them to learn that the ‘right decisions’ are not always those which lead to happiness?

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On Playing Ground (book 2)

If there’s one thing that Daphne hates, it’s people —and more precisely men— playing games.

But her trip to Los Angeles to visit her sister puts her on the path of Jamie, an irresistible stranger. And playing games is his specialty.

What Daphne expected to be a one-week fling might bring her the serenity she longed for, and teach her that games don’t always equal to dishonesty.

On Secret Ground (book 3)

A bachelorette’s weekend in a luxurious resort is bound to be epic. Even Daisy, the sweet introvert, was prepared for some chaos. But she wasn’t ready to meet Tristan and his secrets.

As her post-divorce broken heart powers through the surrounding blissfulness of her sister’s wedding, she won’t be the only one to reassess their entire life.

Ground Floor (novella)

After being chased out of Adrian’s apartment, for good this time, Pauline escapes to the other side of the world, hoping to find the right headspace to build her life back, from scratch.